If there is one thing I'm impatient about and quite honestly horrible at is cooking meals beyond Shake n' Bake, spaghetti and burgers on the grill. So for Day 8 in the line of November 'Thank Yous' I am thankful for a wife who likes to cook.

As a single guy I had a lot of fast food, convenience store sandwiches and assorted other junk like Doritos and Little Debbie snacks. I'm serious, it was like McDonald's on Monday, Subway on Tuesday, Arby's on Wednesday, Wendy's, BK, etc. I just rotated the places in my early to mid 20s. All great places but hitting one of them everyday after a while was a bit much.

Lynn is not afraid of experimenting with spices or ingredients and likes using interesting recipes, and nine times out ten it works. Okay 10 out 10 times it works.That's right, Lynn will see this in the feed. No, seriously her concoctions work pretty much every time.

She makes an awesome chicken Alfredo from scratch, she actually does a lot with chicken and does a great job at re-purposing leftovers. Her homemade pizza is to die for as well. Lynn is also quite the baker. People loved her pumpkin whoopie pies last week and right now is baking a cake from scratch for a celebration tonight. She makes a taco dip that's a hit at every new years eve party we go to or host.

She cooks, I clean up after, that's how it works at our home and I am thankful for that today.