Every Thanksgiving, I eat tons of food that my mother cooks for the family. This year, I am the cook and will be preparing our very first Thanksgiving meal, ever.

This means, I will have to learn to cook in the next 976 hours. But I am a determined human and will do everything I can to be ready for this challenge.

One year I was "helping" my Mom and she told me to grab the cranberry sauce. I grabbed it and also a pan. I put it on the pan and asked her how long it needed to cook in the oven. That is the level I am at. Let's call it pre-beginner cook, to be nice.

I have a 10-12 pound bird that has been staring at me since I bought it. It looks at me as if it's provoking me. Taunting me and daring me to mess up.

Late last night, I opened up my fridge and we had a, "chat". Yes, I spoke to a dead bird sitting in front of my fridge. However, I believe in the power of energy and if I can manifest cooking this turkey to perfection, then maybe I will.

I named the bird, Loki. If you've any of the Marvel movies, you know which character I am referring to.

So, I sat there and we had a talk. I told Loki that I would treat him right, with tender love and care. I would cook him correctly and baste him better than any turkey has ever been basted before.

However, the feeling I got was the direct opposite of confidence. I felt as though Loki and the universe were both mocking me with such determination to watch me fail.

Let's talk about stuffing. Stuffing a bird should be done with ease and tenderness because you are entering a special place that only you and the bird will experience together.

You can't trust the plastic thermometers either or anything that's already packed inside of the poor bird. In order to tell if my turkey is done, I will use all my senses.

I am not worried about all the other side dishes, like green bean casserole and rolls, it's the main event that has me a little shaken.

But I will breath, stretch, shake and let it go as I dive in to the unknown world of the biggest meal anyone prepares all year long. The pressure is on, the stove is preheating, and I sweating my baster's off.

I will update you on how this goes and hopefully won't have to visit urgent care.

If you have any tips on how to do this the right way, in the most easiest way possible please let me know on 92 Moose Facebook Messenger or our 92 Moose App.

If not, wish me and Loki lots of luck.

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