I have heard it through the grapevine that their is a shortage on turkey currently. So it got me thinking of what we're going to do for the holidays this year.

It makes sense. Due to the pandemic, we've had some distribution and delivery problems. I remember I ordered a package during the pandemic and it didn't come for 2 months.

I started to ponder turkeys after hearing about how one local food spot has to start rationing their supply of turkey. But is it because of delivery delay, or something else?

When you go to the grocery store it's been pretty hit or miss when finding turkey specifically, so if we are all going to sit down and enjoy our turkey like we do every year, I had to put my "Carmen San Diego" hat on and investigate.

According to CBS News, an article was published just last month, speaking on this particular subject. Their are various reasons why turkey has been hard to find right now. Some suppliers are out of turkey.

As the article states, 

Minnesota is the No. 1 turkey producing state in the country. But Gardeski (General Manager of a Grocery Store Chain) said supply chain issues have been a problem since the beginning of the pandemic, and this spring's wave of avian influenza only compounded the issue.

The lack of turkey is partly due to the pandemic and also because of the avian influenza.

What's avian influenza? It is strain of influenza more frequently known as Bird Flu.

Even though the bird flu cases have dropped in the state of Minnesota, they are worried about another hit of the bird flu that could possibly happen during the migration in fall, as the article states.

However, this article is saying that the USDA does not think their will be a turkey shortage.

So despite what you've been hearing about supplier shortages, bird flu, and rationing meat, their is a consensuses through officials that the holiday's will be okay.

Thank goodness, because this year, I was going to host my very first Friendsgiving at my new house and I wanted to attempt to make a turkey for the first time.

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