As it stands right now, there probably aren't many people who actually think everything is going to magically return to normal when businesses and economies begin reopening after the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Andrew Genung of, things, especially at dine-in restaurants, won't be the same for a very long time- if ever. Here are some of the things Genung says we can expect to see at most eateries in the near future.

1. It's likely that all guests and staff will be required to have their temperatures taken before entering the establishment for service or to work.

2. People can expect to see a cap on party size. He explains that it will most likely be a 'no more than four' per party situation moving forward.

3. This next one will be difficult for the restaurants themselves- operating at half capacity or less. While trying to maintain a wide social distance footprint, Andrew expects limits on how many tables places can have full at once.

4. Table spacing. As I just referenced in number three, Andrew says we can expect to see a mandatory table separation rule of 1.5 meters or greater. This plays right into the potential half-capacity rule.

5. This one is kind of an obvious one and makes me wonder why this wasn't a thing before coronavirus. Making sure that all guests and staff have adequate access to hand sanitizer. I mean, how come there aren't already bottles of sanitizer on every restaurant table?

No matter what happens, it's pretty clear that things won't shortly, if ever, return to the pre-covid normal in America. And, if they do, it will be a really long time down the road. So when you're able, get out, eat well and stay safe!

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