Hero's House of Pizza in Skowhegan is closing. However, they will be hitting the road in their "Hero's on Wheels" food truck! 

I was able to talk to them and they told me that they will be operating in Oakland, Maine. They have set up a prep trailer at their house to continue the operations, because they're awesome. They're dedication to their patrons is commendable!

In addition, they do a ton of employee appreciation events for business, weddings, and general food truck events. They did that due to the overwhelming demand for the food truck and they found it a bit difficult to run 2 businesses and raise a family, which is completely understandable.

They went on to say that they cater their menu to the customer and for the customer. Typically they serve yummy steak bombs, cheeseburgers, hand breaded chicken fingers, hot dogs, dough boys and salads. Wow, I am hungry!

So don't worry, you will still be able to enjoy Hero's on Wheels delicious dishes prepared with love and catered to you!

As I was scrolling through there Facebook page, it was truly evident that many people love their food and customer service! Many comments expresses love towards their service! Local businesses are so important to all of us.

We are so relieved that even though they're closing their brick and mortar that they still will be serving us with their superb food truck!

For more information on this incredible business, please visit their Facebook page! 

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