You typically hear me on the Moose Morning Show making fun of our cats and talking about how I'm not really a 'cat person'. Though it may be true that I tend to favor dogs over their feline companions, I still don't mind our kitties- that much.

After getting home from doing some errands on Sunday, I noticed that the lights on our security cameras were red. They only turn red when there is no internet connection. Well, I found that a little strange where we very rarely have issues with our internet. Upon further investigation of the situation I found that not only had the cats pulled down the modem out of the back of the entertainment center, but they had also yanked the wireless router down with them, too! Okay.. no big deal. I'll just pick them pack up and plug tit back in.

Here's where it gets strange. Somehow... SOMEHOW... The cats managed to RESET the freakin' router. The only way to do that (can't even do it by unplugging it) is to press and hold the reset button for a solid 15 seconds. Have you ever seen the reset button on one of these things? You need a paperclip or a pencil tip to even press the button. How in the sweet heck did my cats press that button? God only knows. However, it took probably 2 hours to get everything back to normal between re-configuring the router and then getting all our devices back online. Tablets,