It's something that comes around every single year. In fact, as recent memory reminds me, it's something that actually comes around twice a year. The good old Lifetouch school picture day. It's the big day when your mother makes you wear your nicest clothes to school and puts a comb in your pocket so you can touch up your hair before your big moment.

Well, year after year I order photos of Evan's school pictures so we have something to remember that 'grade' by. And, on the years that I have forgotten to order the photos, I just keep the free package they send home. You know how they do that right? Lifetouch will, if you don't order anything, send a package of pictures to you anyway and then tell you that you have to pay for them or the school won't get a free bicycle? Yeah, sorry Lifetouch, but I'll go ahead and keep the free product you sent me. You're not going to guilt trip me into paying for something I didn't ask for.

Well, Lifetouch has apparently gotten smarter over the last year. I again forgot to order pictures this year, but I wasn't super worried because I knew Lifetouch would attempt to guilt me into buying the package they send home for free by telling me a child wouldn't receive a bike. Well, I did in fact receive something from Lifetouch, but it wasn't a free package of photos.

What I received was a class picture of all the students in Evan's homeroom, and a proof of Evan's individual photo with a couple different background colors. And, of course, all the photos were emboldened with massive watermarks. Looks like they finally figured out that parents just like me had been keeping the free set they had been sending home. And for the record, no I don't feel bad about it at all... not even a little bit. You don't just send products to someone's house that they didn't order and then demand they pay for it (or send it back).

Looks like I'll actually have to go online and place an order this year!

Evan Builds a Computer

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