Have you ever driven or gone somewhere and upon your arrival realized your phone was nowhere to be found? Well that is exactly what happened to me today. But, did you know, you cant still protect your phone even when you don't have it?

About halfway through my commute to 92 Moose this morning I reached over to the cup holder to click my phone over to 'loud' from 'silent', an action I do every single morning. Well, when I went to grab my phone, it wasn't there. What the heck? I literally always have my phone on me. All. The. Time. At first I thought maybe I had never taken it our pf my pocket as I was getting in the car this morning. Nope. Maybe I had set it in the passenger seat and it had slipped and fallen to the floor when I was coming to a stop at the light. Nope.

As luck, or the lack thereof, would have it, I left my precious iPhone X at home. At least that's what I think I did. So naturally the first thing I did when I got to work was log in to my Apple account. Keep in mind, this can be a little challenging if you don't have your device because they send a verification code to your phone to allow you access to your account, so you'll have to choose a different verification method to continue.

If you're logging in just because your phone is missing, you can bypass that second round of verification just by going to iCloud.com/find. If you have a droid phone, you can go through the same process at Google.com/Android/Find. After logging in to see if my iPhone was in fact at my house, I was shocked to see that it was showing offline. For real? The only one of my Apple devices I can see on the app is my iPad Air- my iPhone is nowhere to be seen. This is a little perplexing and concerning. Did I set the thing on the roof and it blew off the car? I friggin' hope not, but we all know how my luck tends to run.

At any rate, I did go ahead and lock my phone, wherever it may be, so that if someone happens to come across it, they would need my Apple ID and password to reopen it. Don't need people seeing all my dope nudes. Additionally, I put a remote message on the screen with the 92 Moose cell phone number on it so if someone comes across it they can call me and let me know.

I've literally had this phone for like a month.. this was the replacement phone from when I mule kicked my other one into Lake Pemaquid. Cool.

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