I was pretty excited to click 'finalize order' today on the Lowe's website! My wife and I purchased a brand new home last year and have spent the time since then making it our own. Paint etc.. but now we're focussing on the upcoming, inevitable snowy season. With winter comes storms and with storms comes power outtages. I remember last fall that gnarly wind storm we had that knocked power out in our area for DAYS! It was crazy because everything in our fridge/freezers had to go to my parents house and we had no heat or water for almost a week. Frig that- that ain't no way to live! Today I jumped online and ordered this sweet 7500/9500 generator from Westinghouse! Not only is it enough power to run our entire home, but it also has remote start so it can be fired up with the touch of a button inside the house!

If you're a homeowner I would strongly suggest purchasing a generator- Even if you DON'T need it for the first two years you own it- it's STILL a sound investment! Now just to have my buddy Nate Lee over at Black Lab Electric come over and wire this pig up!


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