Every day, we are scrolling through our phones and it seems to me at least, like it's 99% bad news and 1% good news.

However, Tom McGowan of Windham is helping to change that and make good news grow bigger in Maine. He created an Instagram Account called, All Things Good.

The site gives him the ability to share good news stories online.

He currently has about 260,000 followers and is spreading uplifting stories in the form of shared memes and quotes each day. The past 2 years have been extremely beneficial to the site increasing his followers from 28k to 260k.

Encouragement and hope is contagious.

Tom also has a podcast, called, All Things Good, which includes all different types of people, comedians, athletes, business people. Below is a podcast episode where Tom chats with Dion Dawson, an activist and entrepreneur who started,

"Dions Chicago Dream, which is a non-profit dedicated to tackling food insecurity in Chicago and beyond. Dion was featured on The Ellen Show for his amazing work, "

It doesn't all have to be bad news and Tom is making sure we know that. Tom shared that when Covid hit, he felt the pressure to share the love to those who were feeling down due to the change in the world.

"Once COVID hit, it was a huge growth, because people were looking for feel-good stories to help their mental health,"

-Tom McGowan

He's 26 years old and started the page when he was going for his master's at Husson University.

"I have always tried to be nice and genuine with people as much as possible, because you never know what people are going through,"

-Tom McGowan

His Instagram page continues to share heartfelt messages that all of us need to hear from time to time. The other day, I heard of a story where a young girl was feeling extremely down and because of the bumper sticker in front of her saying something like, "Don't give up, it will be okay," she was able to turn her day around.

That is just one of the many examples as to why we need more people and pages like this to show us that life is worth living and to not take advantage of the beautiful gifts that we often fail to see.

He's also attempting to make this a viable business venture.

Tom says,

"You do have to search through a lot of negativity, unfortunately, to find these stories,"

Tom has represented Maine in an impactful way and his page and podcast has created a vital message to all, which is, happiness is important and hope never dies.

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