Today, March 31st is 'World Backup Day'. So the obvious question is, what is the most important thing you've lost because of not backing it up?

I can't tell you how many times my computer has crashed in the middle of writing a post like this for work; I'm just thankful it holds a draft first without publishing it.

I guess the worst thing I've lost in my memory is about six months of photos, songs and videos I had saved on my old desktop computer before it died.

Most of the good pictures and videos are on my Facebook page, but some didn't make the cut and were never saved to CD. As for the songs, well, such is life. They were on CD and were put to my hard drive. I still have the CDs but it was time consuming to download them on to the computer.

I have an E-Book external hard drive box thingy now that I dump all my pictures, videos, etc. onto every-so-often but that's about it.

I'm curious, what's the worst thing you've lost because you didn't back it up?