Maine. Breathe it in, folks, because it'll make you live long and prosperous.

It's no wonder that Maine earns high rankings for a plethora of different reasons. Many of us hold a deep affection for this state, and each for our own unique reasons.

Mine? The seafood is second to none, and the foliage in the fall gets me every time.

In this article, I am going to highlight the single most compelling reason that makes Maine stand out as the ultimate place to call home.

According to integrity movers, Maine is a magnet for people, and it's been ranked the highest in the nation for its high quality of life.

The term "high quality of life" is thrown around a lot, but what exactly does it mean?

What I think of is good health, financial security, and safety.

All in all, high quality of life means happiness.

The fact that Maine embodies that sense of belonging and personal happiness is vital. Take in our entire essence of natural beauty. Not many people can walk out their front door and see incredible wildlife, lakes, forests, and mountains.

In addition, Maine is a great place to retire, too!

Planswell suggests that even though property taxes might be on the higher side, your social security benefits remain untaxed in Maine. There are also tax exemptions for pension income, and the overall income tax burden is reasonable.

Whether you're considering starting a family, retiring or just passing through, you can't help but marvel at the wonder and enchantment that our state of Maine has to offer.

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