Christopher Newton grew up in Vermont but has settled in Maine and we are lucky to have him because he is a street photography who reveals the unseen.

Christopher got his first camera when he was eleven. He enjoyed being able to capture moments permanently. But that later became enjoying capturing moments that may typically go unseen or wouldn't typically seem significant.


Christopher Newton via Facebook
Christopher Newton via Facebook

His photos speak to you, they are meaningful and show you the harsh and compelling revelations of life. There is a heartbreaking sincerity to his art and his ability to share what others may disregard, is impressive.

He walks around the cities and towns of Maine and lets the people, places, and things speak to him. No matter if it's the inside of an empty bus or a person crossing the street, he taps into the substance and reality of those particular moments.


Christopher Newton via Facebook
Christopher Newton via Facebook


To the naked eye, the spots he captures could seem plain or dull to others, but his eye is able to bestow the pure emotion in each picture.

Christopher says,

"Most of the high resolution photos that we see in present day are being used to sell us something or convey something that is ideal, not something that's real or true-to-life."

He enjoys taking photos that look similar to those things but capture something so much more accurate.

He is a truth-teller. Expressing creativity is an outlet that is encouraged and mainstream art isn't always the most inventive art. Christopher has been able to speak a language through his photography that you understand as soon as the photo hits your eyes.

Please visit Christopher's Instagram Page, just make sure to grab a box of tissues!

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