During storms, power outages, and other weather-related circumstances, people tend to become very innovative and unique with how they get by with their daily activities. Gone are the normal amenities that we rely on for just about everything when the power is out.

So, we have to get creative.

For example, last night in my chilly Lewiston home, I decided to time-travel to the 1800s. My dark and cold house became a historical haven, and I found myself feeling as though I was playing the part of "Claire" from the hit series Outlander.

Armed with my decorative Christmas lantern, a good book, and a cozy blanket, I navigated through the night with a 19th-century flair.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

That's how creative I was able to get, but this Maine woman definitely has me beat with her imaginative way of preparing her food.

Avian Banda posted this photo to her Facebook page, and I laughed so hard.

Avian had her whole Facebook audience in stitches as she turned her SUV into a kitchen. I find it absolutely brilliant, and Mainers never fail to make me laugh and impress me with their inventive antics during tough times.

Avian Banda via Facebook
Avian Banda via Facebook

Whether it's navigating the streets in a canoe or transforming your car into a kitchen, the creativity around here never ceases to amaze me.

You guys sure know how to keep the humor alive through the Grinch Storm of 2023 in Maine.

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