This is just a reminder that Valentine’s Day is creeping up. I have a rather traditional yet special gift idea; the gift of candy and chocolates.

If you have not visited The Chocolate Shoppe at Merkaba Sol you, my friend, are missing out. Let me back things up…IF you have not visited Merkaba Sol are missing out too. There are lovely Valentine’s gifts all around the store at Merkaba Sol located on Water Street in Downtown Augusta. It is a gift shop but it is so much more with tools for enlightenment, candles, geodes, jewelry, all-around lovely items, AND in the back of the store is a full-on candy store called The Chocolate Shoppe at Merkaba Sol.

It is chocolates and candies of all types, the types of candies that will bring back some memories. When you do check it out, take a few minutes to really take a look at the cases and all the candy jars on the wall.  Every time I venture in to say ‘HI’ to Dave and Bishop and well as dogs…I now find myself in the back of the store in the candy area and I see something new each time I pop in including some sugar-free options.

It feels like The Chocolate Shoppe at Merkaba Sol has been there forever but it has been less than a year. Maine has lost a few specialty candy stores over the last year so we are SO lucky to have them right in beautiful Downtown Augusta.

So treat yourself or someone you love to a sweet treat for any reason…Galentine’s Day on Saturday to celebrate the wonderful women in your life, Valentine’s Day on Sunday for your special sweetie, or any stinking reason you want to celebrate or treat your self.

Now if you will excuse me, that box of chocolates I have is not going to eat its self.

The Chocolate Shoppe at Merkaba Sol

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