How in the heck did I go 33 years without ever seeing a single Star Wars movie to having now seen freaking two of them in the course of 48 hours? Well frankly, I have no idea either. Though at this point I feel pretty well-committed to watching all 74 of them. Kidding, I know there aren't that many- it just seems like it.

Yesterday (somehow between going to the gym and the kids' haircuts) I was able to squeeze in Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back. Shockingly, even though this movie was released in 1980, only three years after Episode IV, I found the special effects to be substantially better. It actually gets me excited to see the episodes that were released in this current century.

As far as 'loving' these movies, I can't say I'm at that point yet. I'm still just trying to figure out who all the characters are and what their stories are. I'm also trying to figure out if Princess Leia wants to be with Luke Skywalker or Han Solo, because she kisses both of them. Hey, to each their own.

I'll check back in with you after my next one, 'Return of The Jedi'. Until then, to infinity and beyond!...or whatever it is they say.

The order I'm watching these all in goes like this; Epidove IV; A New Hope. From there episode V, then VI. After those three I will backtrack (even though they're NEWER films) to Episode I, then II, then III. Following those I'll jump back up to VII, VIII and finally IX. At some point I'll fit in Rogue One and Solo, too.


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