Okay, so the title is a little click-bait, I know. But really I got shot at Applebee's!..... in my dream. Have you ever woken up suddenly from a bad dream, or in particular, a dream where you're about to die? Yeah, that happened to me last night at about 11:48pm.

I guess that's not really an 'about' time but more of an 'exact' time!

I was (in my dream) getting ready to pay my bill and head out. It was night time, the restaurant was dimly lit and I, for some reason, didn't have any pants on. I paid my bill, left some cash on the table as a tip and proceeded to go use the bathroom. When I got back to the table, my pants were hanging over my chair so I naturally started to put those back on. As I was doing that I noticed that my cash tip and wallet were both missing. As I panned around the room I see two guys in Carhart jackets with the hoods up slowly walking out. I shouted to them to stop and told them they better give me my stuff back. They complied. I then begin heading out to the parking lot to get in the truck where my wife Keri was waiting for me in the passenger seat. As I was about to get into my truck, those same 2 guys who had originally taken my stuff jumped out from behind some bushes and began firing at me. I was carrying at the time but being back to did not have the time to draw my weapon and return fire. That's when I woke up.

I don't ever recall a sensation of being shot or going to the ground, I just know that had I stayed asleep, I may not be here writing this. They say if you die in your sleep, you die for real. But how has anyone proven that? Weird.

Stay tuned for another 'killer' addition of 'Matt's Dream Log' the next time I have something worthy to share. Until then. eat good in the hood.

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