I have a love hate relationship with this series. I loved the first movie. I mean, how could you not? With the likes of Paul Walker teaming up with Vin Diesel for the genesis of one of the greatest car/action series ever.

After the first one I kind of lost interest. I felt that each movie was so similar to it's predecessor that it didn't have much originality. Now of course you could kind of make that same argument for The Fate Of The Furious, but I won't.

Vin Diesel And Michelle Rodriguez Visit Washington Heights On Behalf Of "The Fate Of The Furious"
Getty Images for Universal Pictures

This movie is action-packed from the beginning to the very explosive end. The CGI graphics and stunts are top-notch and executed perfectly. Dom is being blackmailed by the world's most sophisticated (and sexy) computer hacker, Cipher, who has threatened to kill his son if he doesn't comply with her and go after his own team. He agrees... kind of. Of course there is a back-up plan the whole time and the movie comes to an incredible head over a nuclear-class Russian submarine. It's pretty intense.

I definitely give this movie a 7.5/10. The effects and acting are incredible however the plot line is super unrealisitc. But isn't that what makes it fun? If you haven't seen any of these movies before- Watch the first one and then the last one. Okay fine, you can watch all of them if you want, but Tokyo Drift doesn't count.

Have you seen this flick? What did you think?

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