I was lucky enough to attend a very fancy gala over the weekend for the radio station.  It was called the Maine Association of Broadcasters Awards where all media, news anchors, radio hosts gather and celebrate our peers.

I have only been in this business for just under 2 years so being in a room with talented people that I have idolized for years was mind-blowing.

I made sure that I brought my Dove spray deodorant in case I had the nervous sweats.

At one point I had to visit the ladies room.

After I used the restroom, I opened the stall door and lo and behold, there she is, standing there like the queen of the nile- the one and only, Cindy Williams.

You know, the Maine's News Anchor on News Center Maine for a solid 30 years!

News Center Maine Facebook
News Center Maine Facebook

She was like an angel.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. Picture me, washing my hands for way too long because I didn't want to leave.

I'm so nervous and star-struck that my brain stopped working completely and literally went on vacation. I'm staring at her like she's a mirage in the desert, and all I can manage to blurt out when we made eye contact was, "It's you". And yes, it wasn't delightful or in an excited way, it was almost creepy.

It was as if I had just found the Holy Grail right there in a bathroom.

She was dressed in a gorgeous full length black gown but that's not was the most stunning part, it was her energy. You know how you come across individuals that just have that sparkle and glow? That was her and she was glowing all over that bathroom.

Here is Cindy when she announced her retirement from News Center Maine.

She smiled at me and I went onto to tell her how much I had admired her and watched her my entire life and I think I mentioned that my mom was going to freak out when I told her I saw her.

It was a brief meeting, but it held great significance for me because in that moment, I had a surreal realization that Cindy Williams was no longer just a distant figure but a peer. I mean, come on!

What? A wild thought to realize that I now am in the same business, standing shoulder to shoulder with the greats of Maine but don't worry, I won't change because I will still  have to bring deodorant to all the fancy galas.

Cindy then went on to be inducted into the Maine Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame! Her speech was remarkable and her glow left me smiling for days.

Check out all about Cindy's award in this article!

Cheers to you Cindy, for paving the way for females like me to break molds, ceilings, and hearts, in a good way.

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