Thanksgiving is right around the corner so, while you're prepping your turkey and mincing whatever you're supposed to mince, I am sure you are also checking the Missed Connections Maine on Craigslist. I am.

Put it this way, Missed Connections is my Danielle Steele Novel and on any particular day, I like to quickly just pop in and read a potentially lost love story of someone who is looking for me, even though I am married. I sometimes think to myself, Self, you need a pick-me-up right now, so I then log on and read away.

Oh! Where are my manors? I guess I should let you know what this platform is if you haven't heard of it. According to the ever-so-wise, Wikipedia, a missed connection is a type of personal advertisement which arises after two people meet but are too shy or otherwise unable to exchange contact details.

For example, a person is strutting their stuff at Hannies in their fanciest jeggings looking at ham, another person enters said store, and whoa that second person cannot believe their eyes because they are now standing in front of an angelic being with earbuds and they clam up. "Earbud girl" leaves in a rush which makes it impossible for "Doe-eyed Guy" to get her contact info so now, he is left standing there, in the frozen section, alone and now cold, kicking himself for letting her go.

However, with Missed Connections, you don't even need to interact with the person.

So Doe-eyed Guy jumps onto missed connection the second he gets home and furiously tries to find his grocery store, true love. That may be the last night he eats ham for one. You never know.

I feel like this is a Hallmark movie just waiting to be directed by Quentin Tarantino. I'm in on that project for ten dollars and sixty-two cents.

Maine is filled with so many cool peeps and many of us are already on the hunt for love. It can be very tough to be alone, especially during the holidays. Whether you're on Tinder, Eharmony,, or even Silver Singles these days, apps can be all-consuming and much too overwhelming. My single friends have a tough time with it because of the high-paced, too good to be true, nature of these sites. There is a "grass is always greener" feel to it as well so you get swiped on so quickly.

I think that if you're sitting with your grandchild and they ask you how you met your partner, it'd be cool to say, in the age of online dating, I went kind of "rogue" by finding my mate on Missed Connections.

I can see it now. "Grandma, how'd you meet other Grandma?

"Well little Tommy, I stole her parking spot and then she saw me cut in front of her at the intersection and as she passed me, beeping and cursing, her anger turned to romance, at the next stop light, we shared a stare that seemed to last for hours but was only minutes. The next day I felt an urge to check on Craiglist, and there it was, titled "Crazy Driver who Stole my parking spot and then my heart."

We've been together ever since little Tommy.

I am going to share some of my favorite missed connections in a gallery below and if this is you, please reach out to the 92 Moose Facebook Page and let us know!

Don't miss out on the chance of love and no, this is not sponsored.

Here is a list of my top 15 recent favorite Maine Missed Connections!

Top 15 Favorite Missed Connections on 'Craiglist Maine'

Are you single and can't deal with dating apps? Here is what may give you the love you've always hoped for. 

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