Believe me when I say that we are totally NOT judging you for the things that make you weird. You're literally dealing with two of the weirdest people in all of morning radio. So trust me when I say, we're one of you.

This morning we posted on our Facebook page asking you to tell us what makes you weird. It could be anything from some odd food combo that you eat to something you do to ease stress that other people think is just plain odd. The answers we got, as expected, did not disappoint.

Brittany commented and said she swears water tastes differently coming out of the bathroom faucet than it does in the kitchen and that she just can't bring herself to drink it. She also went on to say that she can't eat the end of anything whether it's a hot dog, banana pickles etc.

Michelle said that when she was a kid she used to eat her corn on the cob with peanut butter. She said that she attempted to try it again as an adult and that apparently your taste buds do in fact change when you become an adult.

Check out all of the comments we got this morning from our original Facebook post. And remember, it's totally okay to be weird. Normal people are boring.

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