I have to start by saying that Beaver Brook Campground is one of our most favorite spots in the state of Maine to enjoy ourselves with friends. With that being said, I certainly hope they'll let us come back after this weekends minor mishap.

It all started Thursday evening when we rolled into camp with our convoy of friends and travel trailers in tow. As we were all setting up our sites, I couldn't help but notice a putrid aroma coming from my camper. After a little investigation I quickly realized that my black tank (the poo tank) hadn't drained all the way after emptying at our last trip. Well, that's gonna be a problem.

My buddy Johnny carries a portable tank with him when we camp so if a tank ends up getting full on a camper, we can drain into the portable and then take it down to the dump station and empty it there. SO  I quickly ran over (jk I walked) to his site to grab the portable and empty my poo tank.

After draining my tank into the portable one, my buddy Josh and I (because who doesn't like to bring a friend along for this stuff) hooked the tank to my truck and drove down to the dump station. After we got there, I hooked up all the proper hoses to the portable tank and stuck the other end into the septic opening in the ground.

Everything was flowing smoothly and the contents were draining from the portable into the ground without issue. That is, until there was an issue. Suddenly, the flow stopped. Most likely because of a clog in the line or the portable tank. So Josh, being the great friend that he is, stood the tank up a little more to try and increase the flow.. nope, still nothing.

After a minute of pondering, we decided he should give the back of the tank a little knee to try and dislodge the issue. Wham! Nothing. Wham! Still nothing... Turns out third time really is the charm. With the third slam of his knee into the tank it broke free. Yup- the clog and my hose that was connected to the portable tank both broke free. I looked in horror as gallons of my family's fecal debris began washing all over the ground like the flood gates of a dam holding back year's of liquid shit broke free.

As all of this was happening (timing is everything), a Beaver Brook employee pulled up in a pickup truck and looked at us in disbelief. He immediately said "you know you can't do that, right?" Of course I know that! He then said that what we were doing was in fact illegal and that we could actually be fined for it. I assured him that I wasn't flooding the dump station with my liquid feces intentionally and explained what had happened.

After about 15 minutes of strategic water hose'ing, I was able to get the entire mess all cleaned up. Of course I had to rinse and wash all the lines, the tank and myself afterwards, but I got it done.

Never would I have imagined that's how my camping weekend would have started, but then again, that really is "just my luck". Thank you again to my friends for the help with my family's poo-dung, and thank you to the incredible Beaver Brook staff for understanding that I'm a moron and allowing me to remedy the shituation without kicking us out.

I'd like to promise that this will never happen again, but those who know me well, know I can't make any guarantees.

Happy camping, my friends!

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