Just one time I would like to go on a camping trip where I don't break something or spill my family's liquefied feces all over the ground.

Such was certainly not the case over the weekend at Beaver Brook Campground in Monmouth. If you know me, you know Beaver Brook is one of our favorite go-to local campground and this weekend was no different.

We rolled in on Thursday afternoon with all of our camping friends and prepared to start setting up. It actually was pretty sweet because we had an entire road to ourselves with every site occupied by our friends. So I begin the process of backing the camper into our site and making sure that it's completely level. Sidebar, how can some people not care about the leveling of their campers? Realtalk, I will walk through the campground sometimes and see people's campers all tilted off to one side like they don't even care- stop the madness!

Okay, sorry for the sidebar, let's get back to it. I get the camper backed in and level. Next on the agenda is to put the wheel chocks in so that the camper can't roll away and carry my family to a new life somewhere far away with a new and much better looking father and husband. After the wheel chocks were in it was time to crank it off the truck, re-level from front to back and put down the stabilizers.

As I was putting down the second of four stabilizers, it happened. The camper, even though it was level and had the wheels chocked, lurched backwards about 6 inches. When that happened, the front tongue jack fell off the block and into the ground, and the two stabilizers I had just put down folded right in half like a bologna sandwich.

Now the camper, at least in the front, was sitting almost on the ground. There was no way that my truck, even with the adjustable hitch set all the way at its lowest point was going to be able to re-hook to the camper to stand it back up and get it back into position. Fortunately for me, my buddy Johnny was there and had his truck with him, which happens to be lower to the ground than mine. We lowered his hitch all the way and were able to get my camper hooked on and back into position.

We had to set the whole thing up again, only this time using vehicle bottle jacks as front end stabilizers because mine had collapsed during 'the incident'. Thankfully, because I use Amazon for everything, I'll have two new stabilizers at the house this week. While we're still not 100% certain what caused the camper to randomly lurch back like it did, we're just happy that no one was hurt and that we come back with another crazy story to tell!

Stay safe out there and happy camping, friends!

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