There will be no new Peeps for the upcoming holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, but they are gearing up for their original holiday…Easter.  You will have Peeps for Easter of 2021. 

 You now, Peeps, those marshmallow creations that were originally the little chicks but now come in a rainbow of colors and reworked into all sorts of mushy designs that people love.  

I think they are gross, but I buy them often since my mother is a Peep fan. When I say she is a fan, I mean she joined a Peeps fan club and has a Peeps T-shirt.  

According to the story I was reading in the New York Post, Just Born Creations, the Pennsylvania company that has been making these little creations since 1923, will be back to creating the Peeps for other holidays starting in the fall of 2021. 

Hummm...while I am not a Peeps fan I bet they would be tasty toasted and used to make a s'more.

They are also fun to 'play' with in the microwave...just be safe as the Peep will be VERY HOT when you do this.

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