On Saturday, December 18th, we loaded up the Moose Caboose and journeyed to the Marketplace in Augusta for a remote broadcast but it wasn't any old broadcast. This was yet another event that I assumed was going to go one way but went to an entirely different place completely.

We were very lucky to have a special guest help us greet shoppers. I'll give you a hint, Ehem, "Do you wanna build a snowman?" Yup, you guessed it! Olaf traveled all the way from Arendelle to be with us.

When I saw this in my calendar, I knew it would be something charming but didn't see this particular event as being something deeply meaningful. We were tasked with standing outside of a few stores, saying hello to patrons with a fun character for the kids, and passing out free gift cards to listeners with a secret password.

It was something in my mind that started out as a small assignment but then grew into something extremely profound and significant.

We were entrusted to spread hope and cheer to others and I didn't realize how substantial that was until shortly after I arrived at the first store. The simple fact that Olaf was there, immediately leveled up our cool factor for the kids, but it was so much more than that.

We were visited by so many loyal listeners, happy passer-bys, store employees, and even an Augusta police officer! There were a lot of people feeling the magic of Christmas, but others were not.

They might've put on happy faces but you could tell if you looked long enough, they were feeling the pressure of the season. And we all know what that feels like.

There was a disheveled Mom with her kiddos, tired and stressed with so much to do but, then saw us. A dad was trying to re-connect with his daughter who was tied to her cell phone just texting away, then saw us.  Two elderly women, shopping together, with weak knees and long lists looking defeated, then saw us.

Adults who are trying to make their children happy for Christmas, feeling vanquished by the constant changing of toy trends, expensive gifts, and the simple fact that they are running out of credit cards to charge then, saw us.

We chatted with the stressed Mom and she smiled, I told her I loved her Christmas sweater and her son was the one who told me Mom was having a rough day, she opened up and we talked and related. The Dad and daughter both got into a picture, together, without looking down at her phone, he made her laugh, and when he noticed her smiling in the moment, he looked like he won the lottery. We offered help to the elderly women, and guided them to the ramp, and then made them giggle.

Lastly, to the single Mom, that I previously knew, who approached me, just for a hug. She needed one and told me she had a little breakdown in her car simply due to the stressors of the holidays. We related on stress and chatted for a minute and I told her she looked beautiful before she walked away.

I see you.

We see you.

Let's witness each other more. Witness our strengths but also weaknesses and take 5 seconds to exchange a smile, throw someone a compliment on anything at all, help them laugh with their child, or simply offer a helping hand.

It's easy and we all need to do it more. Let's continue to see each other, on a deeper level, not just on the surface.

All in all, this visit to the Augusta Marketplace was more than a job to me. It's no longer something I needed to, it was something I got to do.

Please enjoy the photos below of this day that surpassed any expectations I had!

Olaf and Company Spread Holiday Cheer at Maines Marketplace at Augusta

Olaf and Company Spread Holiday Cheer at Maines Marketplace at Augusta

Spreading hope and cheer during the holidays is a must and we were tasked with doing just that at the Marketplace in Augusta this Saturday!

If you haven't checked out Portland, Maine's Polar Express, you're missing out!

If you haven't checked out Portland, Maine's Polar Express, you're missing out!


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