As you can clearly see by the photos- we are more than ready for little Gavin's arrival. Still no signs that he's coming anytime, however. We found out at our very first doc's appointment, which seems like 3 years ago, that his due date was 2/4/18. Lovely little date, right? It just so happens to be the Superbowl. At the time I didn't think much of it because, what're the chances the Pats are going back again this year anyway? Oops. I'm sorry I doubted you TB12.. I was starting to hope that little Gavin would come a day early or late- but I've changed my mind.

I want him to make his arrival on 2/4/18 at the exact moment that the clock runs out in the 4th and Tom wins his 6th ring.. How cool would that be?!

Tom Brady
Getty Images

In all seriousness, we're ready for you any time you're ready to show up, Gavin!

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