We're expected to see as much as 2 feet of snow Saturday night through Monday morning. Visibility could be close to 0 at times and winds gusting to near 50 mph. That means travel could not only suck, it could be darn near impossible. With that said, IF you have to be on the road, you'll be sharing it with plow drivers. Not just people like me in their big pickups doing driveways, but more importantly, town and DOT officials struggling to keep our roads clear. Don't be that girl or guy that has to pass at the first oppurtunity. Don't be that tool that rides so close the sander covers your hood in dirt. DO give plenty of space to these hard working men and women. DO use caution coming over hills and around corners. DO NOT pull out in front of them at an intersection because you don't want to wait. DO NOT drive in a position where you can't see their mirrors- they can't see you!

I used to drive the big DOT plow trucks so I know all to well the hazards that lurk on our public roadways, especially during monster storms like these. Take it easy, plan ahead, and if you don't have to leave the house- DON'T!

Here's a video, not from Maine, but still important info within.

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