Let's talk about miracles and take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Because they are happening every day. Miracles can take many forms. From something as big as a disease just spontaneously leaving your body to something as small to a child's smile.

Regardless of your personal beliefs, you can't deny that these spontaneous moments are happening all the time. You can create your own miracles too. By gratitude, kindness, and heroism.

Do you remember this one? The time that a patron left a $16,000 tip? I call that a miracle.

This took place in New Hampshire at The Stumble Inn located at 20 Rockingham Rd in Londonderry.

According to WMUR,  

One very generous customer who enjoyed drinks and a meal of hot dogs, chili cheese and pickle chips at the Stumble Inn Bar and Grill granted a miracle to the entire place.

The bill came to $37.93 and because this took place during the pandemic, the patron left a $16,000 tip for the eight bartenders working.

This amazing human wants to remain anonymous but told the staff that they deserved it for working so hard during Covid. How wonderful.

The owner, Mike Zarella, said that every tip is appreciated, but this one is the biggest in the history of the business, as the article states.

I am sure that this specific amount has probably never been tipped anywhere else.

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WMUR went on to say that staff planned to share the tip with the back-of-the-house employees who worked hard during the pandemic.

This is a miracle that so many of us will remember, especially the staff at the Stumble Inn.

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