Well, I have a new project. I have a headlight out on my car.

I keep forgetting about it until I leave my house at 4:45 am and my car is sitting in the driveway in all of its padiddle glory reminding me ‘HEY….get the headlight fixed on your darn car”!

I could go to the shop and have it fixed. But it feels like I should be able to do this on my own. I have done this stuff in the past when I replaced the tail light on another vehicle so I am not without some basic mechanical talents. Step one was to drag out the very large owner’s manual for my RAV4 so I know what exact headlight bulb I need, I have watched a few Youtube videos on where to find the compartment and how it goes. I should be good…but I KEEP FORGETTING!

Bonus ‘issue’ is that I know that the lights will not match so I will have to replace both of the headlights or it will be unbalanced and it will drive me silly.

I know my time is running out…some member of law enforcement will notice this, pull me over, and then MAKE me remember to get this done.

This, my friends, is my life…and my most burning personal issue…I need to get a new headlight (or two).

Hope I don’t break a nail!

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