The longer the COVID pandemic goes on, the more we inherently learn about how it is spread and ways to help contain it. This, however, is not something I expected to learn today.

If ever I learn something new on a weekday between 5a-9a, it's because Renee Nelson taught me. Today was no exception and I was schooled in the world of toots. And believe me, I thought I knew everything there was to know about toots, but I guess I was wrong.

As long as I can remember the pandemic going on, I don't so much as remember a single time when someone claimed or even asked if particulates of the virus could be spread through fecal dust. I mean, honestly it just seems like a really strange thing to wonder about. Not the case for one physician who now says that in fact the virus may likely be spread through your smelly outbursts. Of course, you'll have to be tooting in the nude for that to likely occur.

His name is Doctor Michael Greger and he is the founder of a website called Nutrition Facts .Org, which is a site dedicated to plant-based eating and diets. He also wrote a couple of Renee's favorite books including 'How Not to Die'. Well, one of his specialties at his website is creating video content to educate his users- and that's exactly what he has done here.

Dr. Greger is admittedly always very careful about putting information out into the universe before it has had time to be properly vetted, so we can rest assured knowing the toots were put to the test before he made this video. As a matter of fact, if you listen closely, he actually talks about people having to fart on petri dishes during the study of this. Ha, weird!

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