Waterville Police is now my favorite department because they were willing to perform a rescue that many would probably never take on.

Why? It was a skunk!

According to a Facebook post from the Waterville Police Department, the animal rescue happened Wednesday, September 20, when police were dispatched to Kennedy Memorial Drive to find a skunk in distress.

They were surprised when they saw it was the stinkiest of all animals and shared the rescue on Facebook. 

How was the skunk stuck? His little head was stuck in a cup! So several officers, along with help from a state trooper, found the skunk as it wandered in circles, having a very tough evening.

Thankfully, they freed the skunk from the cup without falling victim to its stinky spray.

According to Maine.gov, when skunks are bothered, they "spray a sulfur-alcohol compound secreted by the anal glands in a mist or droplet stream."

How's the Pepe Le Pew? At first, they said he was a bit stunned but then regained his composure after his head became unstuck!

You can watch another angle of the incident in this YouTube video from News Center Maine:

This isn't the first time a skunk has gotten a cup on its head. In August, police came to the rescue of a skunk in Old Town that got itself in a similar situation. Except this skunk had two cups on its head!

You can see that situation in the Facebook video below:

If you encountered a similar situation, would you have helped the skunk?

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