I am not much of a movie go-er and I am not really not much of a horror movie go-er.

I am not sure if it is possible to improve upon Tim Curry's Pennywise.

Stephen King's works also freak me out. I grew up in Bangor.  The setting of alot of the books happen in that area. Read 'Pet Cemetery' there is a lot of non-fiction details in there and it is still giving me nightmares.

That having been said...I DO want to see 'It'. 


For the Bangor Easter egg of course!

I was reading this story from the Bangor Daily News about the movie and Bangor references that were found in the movie.

In case you have been paying no attention what so ever...Derry and Bangor are VERY similar places.  Hummmmm........

Here are some photos of Port Hope in Ontario that was where the movie was shot.  At quick glance...very Derry-esque.

P.S.  I recently learned about SK Tours in Bangor.  Yepper.  They will give you a tour of my home town, Bangor, and you can see for yourself how King has incorporates the real into the fictional.

P.P.S  The photo?  Ya. I like any chance to bring that up!  LOL.  I was at at party at the King's West Broadway home in 1985 and got that photo.


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