I brought my family, my son and wife to Wallingford's Orchard recently for our very first visit this fall! Maine offers so many lovely orchards and farms for us to experience and this is one of our favorites. It was also very apparent that everyone else loves this orchard because it was packed!

Wallingford's Orchard has been a "Destination Must" for anyone that really wants to experience that "fall feeling" here in Maine.

This orchard has been serving us for over 8 generations, according to their website. They are located in Auburn and they grow everything from apples to cranberries! They also own Ricker Hill Orchard in Turner!

Our family's true passion in life is apples and we have been growing them since 1803. Maines spring and summer enable us to grow a superb fruit, but it is our fall that makes the real difference.


The lines to the baked goods, donuts, fudges, honey sticks, maple syrups and sweet wrapped around the building. They're maple sugar shack is to DIE FOR!

The world famous cider flavored hot sugar donuts are a favorite. So, of course I bought 2 dozen for 3 people and that wasn't even enough.

My son, Bentley had so much fun making friends and playing on the castle and huge wooden pirate ship with 2 slides. We ate apples, fed the goats, and walked around in our cute autumnal clothes.

Check out all of the events and goings-ons at Wallingfords here! 

Below are some of my favorite photos of why you need to visit Wallingford's this fall to feel all that harvest love!

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This weekend, Wallingford's Fruit House was busting at the seams with visitors from all over to experience the beginning of Fall in Maine. 

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