You're probably wondering why a tech-savvy guy like me isn't already part of the current era. Well, if you've been listening to me moan and groan on the air for the last 14 months about not having internet at my house, then you know why.

It took a whole lot of phone calls, emails and overall complaining but it has finally happened. Spectrum has finished their expansion on our road in Windsor and their service is finally available. The only downside (and it was REALLY hard to find one) is that I have to leave the Moose Morning Show early today to be at my house by 8a to meet the technician. At first, I was just going to pick another date and time that didn't conflict, but when they told me after today they were scheduling 3 weeks out, I decided I better stick with the Thurs 8a appointment.

With all that being said, I apologize in advance for my absence of the last hour of the Moose Morning Show, but it will totally be worth it to have Netflix back. Oh, and Xbox Live. Oh, and our smart TV's. Oh, and our WiFi enabled garage door openers. Oh, and Evan's school tablet. -Wow, we really rely pretty heavily on this wireless gold!


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