When it comes to movies, typically it's me telling my wife that "I've never seen it before" while she sits in there in shock telling me what an epic movie it is. Well, this weekend the roles were reversed and it was I who was sitting there in complete shock.

After the kids went to bed on Sunday night, Keri and I sat down to watch something- we just weren't sure what. We checked out all 800+ channels on DirecTV, skimmed through Disney+, Netlfix etc... still nothing. How about Amazon Prime Video? Sure!

After looking around Prime a little bit, I stumbled across one of my favorite films of all time- The Truman Show. I mentioned to my wife how it was one of my favorites, then she proceeded to tell me that not only had she never seen it, she had never even heard of it. That's how we ended up watching the Truman Show last night.

Probably the best part of watching it was seeing her watch it for the first time. I didn't explain ANYTHING about the movie to her at all. Didn't even vaguely tell her what it was about... I just pushed play.

At the end, she absolutely loved it! I know we talk frequently on the morning show about movies everyone else has seen but you haven't, and typically the most common answer is Star Wars. So you can imagine my shock when I learned the woman I asked to marry me had never seen one of my all-time favorites. I'm glad we were able to remedy that this weekend.

If you've never seen it, check out the trailer from 1998!


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