According to the Kennebec Journal, Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey shares an idea to install security cameras along the RiverWalk at Head of Falls in Waterville.

This is happening because of the reported increase of vandalism and criminal behavior along the RiverWalk. Because of the defacing behavior, this has caused thousands of dollars in damage, according to City Manager Steve Daly.

City Manager Steve Daly told the council Tuesday night that people have vandalized the gazebo, amphitheater and other areas of the park, located along the Kennebec River, off Front Street. They have painted graffiti on the amphitheater and ripped up heavy metal park benches and thrown them over the railing and into the river, according to Daly.

This idea of implementing cameras should make it easier to assist in preventing future damage and will also help to make community members that enjoy the RiverWalk feel more secure.

The RiverWalk was launched and opened to the community back in 2018 and Chief Massey proposed that,

the cameras will be part of the system at City Hall that records activity inside and outside the building

He also added that their will be signage posted publicly so that people will be made aware that their are security cameras on sight. This is said to help in deterring any criminal activity.

Many people visit the RiverWalk and enjoy the beauteous views of the Kennebec River and in order for those people to continue to enjoy this walk without fear of criminal behavior, security is said to be possibly implemented.

This was also an idea because of the low staffing at the Police Department and they can't someone to be stationed there and watch the property all the time.

Independent Councilor, Tom McCormick who represents Ward 7 said,

This is just another tool in his box to keep the city safe, and that’s what we’re looking for, right?

Not only did vandalism occur in many different places, including the amphitheater with graffiti, but also drug abuse has taken place. The cameras will help to keep an eye out on the safety of the community so those behaviors will no longer happen at this enjoyed spot for community members.

According to the Kennebec Journal, this is a $1.5 million dollar RiverWalk and was made for people to enjoy the city and it is said that the added security will reduce costs of destruction as well as offering a peaceful and safe place to visit.

We will continue to follow this story and see if the proposal is accepted.

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