We live in Maine. A truck is kinda handy to have in every season.  Driving in the snow, bringing home flowers for the garden or picking up your yard sale finds…a truck is awesome. 

I just had the chance to test drive the coolest truck! The outside is tough and rugged like a truck should be, but the inside....it's just like a luxury car! Plenty of room inside, the cab is HUGE, and can easily fit a family of 5 on a weekend camping trip, or whatever (OK, let's be honest, I am more likely to take it on a shopping trip, but you never know...) toss the stuff in the back and load the kids in the tuck and you're off!

And when the kids star asking "are we there yet?" it's got an awesome infotainment center and you can blast 92 Moose wherever you go!

But that's not all, I can keep my phone connected and my iPad, so I can stay in touch wherever I go- even my laptop!

Yup, this truck HAS IT'S OWN WIFI! So I can take ShadowDog out for a ride in the woods, and when I want to check my email (hey, a girl's got to stay connected!), I can just stretch out and use my own personal hot spot with no problems!

In fact, the only thing this tuck doesn't do for you is drive itself!

After driving this for a while, I can definitely say that I am a Silverado girl!

Varney Chevrolet on Somerset Ave in Pittsfield is the place to find your truck. And you have the Varney Vantage where you get 3 additional oil changes and two tire rotation for free with every new AND pre-owned purchase.

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