Mythical Kitchen chef Josh Scherer posted a new videos on his cooking show. It is a  captivating and yummy showcase of the creation of a Bangor-style pizza. This is a unique pizza variety specifically tailored to the city of Bangor! How cool is that?

The cook says that this is super underrated and I agree because after you see what he's added to the pie, you'll wonder why everyone isn't enjoying it!

The attention to detail is super impressive and makes me feel proud of my state.

He uses several Maine-inspired elements incorporated into the recipe to make it delicious.

The video showcases the key ingredients, and what are they you ask? I'll tell you. He throws in tail and claw meat from lobsters, white American cheese made in the nearby city of Orono, and store bought yogurt.

The finishing touches include the renowned Maine maple syrup and peanuts which pay homage to the historic lumber industry.

The end result looks incredibly appetizing, and it's something that I'm eager to try. In my opinion, the Bangor-style pizza is not underrated at all!

If you enjoyed this, Mythical Kitchen puts out new recipes each week. Check it out!

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