During winter break we were in search of fun and interesting things to keep our little family entertained. Janelle, my wife and I truly believe in interactive play with our son. We enjoy learning about what he is into and one thing he loves is Unspeakable on Youtube.

Unspeakable is a YouTube Channel that draws a younger audience of kids that love watching older kids create things and make the impossible, possibley. They do things  like, build life-size Lego houses and swim in thousands of Orbeez.

Nathan, the leader of Unspeakable pushes you to realize that you can do anything.

Here is a Youtube video of Nathan filling up his entire house with Orbeez. Now, we couldn't do the whole house, but it was manageable to do the whole bath tub.

What is an Orbee you ask? It's an absorbent tiny jelly-like ball that grow when you put them in water.

We decided that we should surprise our kiddo with a bathtub full of Orbeez and not just a few. We started with 20,000 and worked our way all the way up to 60,000 beads.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

We filled the bathtub with water and submerged the little fun balls into the water. As they soaked, they grew. When our boy walked into the bathroom, he absolutely freaked out.

Sometimes all you need to do is show your babes that anything can happen in life. Even if it's just a bath tub full of Orbeez. 

I have noticed that it doesn't matter what we do as a family, as long as we're together. As long as we're connecting and happy, that's all he needs. I am such a proud Mom and will always keep reaching to be better.


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