I do understand the reason for computer, phone, and tablet operating system updates.  It allows the maker of the device to ensure it is safe from viruses and to provide users with new features.

But WHY do we need to get them soooooo often???!!!

A few days ago, I finally took the time to clear enough space (deleting pics and videos from 4 years ago) on my phone to install "Oreo", the new 'Droid OS.  Just hours after the install finished, the phone starting asking for permission to install MORE updates!  What's next?  The "Fudge-Dipped Oreo" operating system?

Honestly, what bothers me even more is when my computer decides it NEEDS to update and reboot!  Sometimes this happens in the middle of the day, derailing my workday.  Yes, I know you want to install your updates, but I need to produce commercial, plan a radio show, and get my daily YouTube fix!

Rant Mode OFF

What ticks you off about technology?

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