By now you’ve probably heard about what happened at Benton Elementary School. The question is how you explain the news to your kids if your child goes to the school, or even if they don’t.

I have a teenager and we’ve talked about suicide before as he knew a middle schooler a few years ago who sadly took his own life. They weren’t close friends but still it’s hard to accept and talk about.

I would elect to take the stance, if they aren’t close to the events of today, then there is no need to just arbitrarily bring it up, unless you’re watching the local news with your children. IN my humble opinion, if your child asks you about it, then talk about the subject with reverence, explain the severity and above all, do more listening than talking and that goes for all serious subject matter.

This is the announcement from the MS49 website.

To M.S.A.D. #49 parents, this is Dean Baker, Superintendent of Schools with an important message. This afternoon there was an incident in the parking lot at The Benton Elementary School. An adult took his own life while in his car. No students, families or school staff were involved or in danger at any time. The school responded to this incident by placing the Benton and Fairfield Schools in lock down. Schools will be in session the remainder of this week. School counselors will be available to students as needed.


Dean P. Baker
Superintendent of Schools

How are you handling the news with your children tonight?

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