Before you tell me to check my Amazon order history, I already did. There is nothing in there that even remotely relates to the item I received today.

As the UPS truck pulled into our driveway this afternoon I knew that it was to deliver the new scooter that Evan wanted for his birthday. However, when the driver handed me to packages, I was a little surprised.

Inside the second package was two 16oz packages of caraway seed. And, up until today, I didn't even know what caraway seeds were. Apparently they are primarily used in baking, particularly in some breads.

What's even stranger is it couldn't have been an accidental delivery. The package clearly had my full name and address on it. Maybe someone is playing a joke on me? Maybe some weird random order got processed as part of a system glitch somewhere. I don't know.

Since writing this post, I have gone in and done some research. I didn't really get anywhere except for learning that maybe my account information had been compromised or it was a gift from someone. So... guessing it wasn't a gift.

Anyone need some caraway seeds? I have some for sale.

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