Oopsie Daisies. Hey, at least this guy is batting .500! You definitely read that headline correctly and this woman was definitely sleeping with a different man while she was with her husband. DNA results don't lie, people! Haven't y'all seen Maury?

The mother, from China, was forced to admit she had a one-night-stand after the husband was concerned that one of the twins didn't look like him. The subsequent DNA test confirmed the 2nd baby belonged to the man she had hooked-up with. According to reports the woman tried to lie about the affair and said her husband falsified the DNA test. Yeah, cuz that's easy to do. After she finally admitted to it, her husband said that he would gladly father the baby that was his, but NOT the one that wasn't.

Twins being born with different fathers is an extremely rare occurrence, known as heteropaternal superfecundation. You can read more about this story here!



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