In case you didn't know, tomorrow is voting day here in Maine and there are several state, as well as local, questions that need your vote!

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Sadly, it's already being predicted that Maine is going to see 'low to moderate' voter turnout tomorrow. I'm also a believer of the 'no vote, no bitch policy'. Confused? Well, it goes like this... If you CHOSE not to cast your ballot, then you have also forfeited your right to moan and groan about the results. If you DO choose to vote tomorrow, you have my full support to complain all ya want!

Ty Wright
Ty Wright

Among several local ballot Q's there are four pretty major statewide agendas as well.

Question one is about the casino they want to put in York county. Pretty important to vote on that one, especially if you live in Southern Maine.

Question two is a fairly complex medicaid expansion question. It would expand medicaid to qualifying adults under 65 with a certain level of income.

Question three is your typical bond release question. It goes into vague detail about how a $105 million bond would expand projects on Maine's infrastructure, i.e roads, bridges etc.

Question four is, umm... Well.. what the heck IS question four about? Hey, Kennebec Journal, can ya help a Millennial out?

Question 4 is a resolution that primarily would affect actuaries, as opposed to the public. It would amend Maine’s constitution to reduce volatility in state pension funding requirements caused by financial markets. According to pension industry standards, it would increase the length of time over which experience losses are amortized from 10 years to 20 years.

Okay got it... I think.. Thank you to Charles Eichacker, Staff Writer for

So if you have the time and a basic idea of the questions at hand.. go vote! Also, you can quickly find your LOCAL questions online, too!

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