Scammers and hackers have leveled up there skills ladies and gents because this is something I have never seen and if I didn't know any better I, myself would have definitely fallen for it!

So we all know that their are numerous ways that hackers obtain your information, your money, your identity but they've seem to outsmarted the lot of us with this new technique. So, of course I had to share it with you so you can share it with others to continue to keep yourself and your money, safe!

Let's talk about letters shall we? For example the letter "a".

As you're well acquainted with its standard appearance, let me to point out this criminal twist. Cunning and deceptive scammers have elevated their craft to an art form it seems.

They've taken even the tiniest crumb of detail, so small that it runs away from our naked eye not to be seen.

They are now subtly morphing the letter "a," into an different form and font.

This different style of the letter "a" then will infiltrates a link or web address, where they then will take your money. The "a" below is wrong.



How did I hear about this? The Facebook Page, Sheriff's Alerts published a note describing what the hackers are doing below.

As you can see from the above post, it's the tiniest detail that will get you. So make sure that you know which font is correct. I am sure they will find out how to do this with other letters as well so make sure you know that the address your going to is the legitimate site.

USA TODAY, has published an article on this exact scam saying, “An average internet user can easily fall for this. Be careful for every mail requiring you to click on a link.”

They are spoofing information and using similar characters to trick you! Stay safe and read this article for more tips!

Another pro tip. If the website your going to is not .gov or .edu make sure to google it to ensure that where ever you travel online is safe.

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