It's often hard for me to figure out where I should post something or where I should add to my story each day. Should I put this photo on Facebook or cross-post it over from Instagram? Should I bother with my Facebook story or just update my Snap story?

Oh, and I wonder if this video would be better suited for my YouTube account. Good grief, when will the madness end?

Well, I started looking into JUST how many people are using each platform, and also which platforms have the most overall world-wide usage. Here's what I found.

Twitter comes in 4th place with a measly 300,000,000 users, so let's not even waste our time there.

Instagram starts to show some promise with about 700,000,000 users, still pretty low though. I want my reach to be HUGE!

YouTube, coming in 2nd, really gives our big dog a run for its money with about 1,500,000,000 users! Holy crap... I bet the Emmy's wish they would have had THAT audience! buurrrrnnnnn

Of course our big top dog, no surprise here, is Facebook! With just over 2,000,000,000 users globally, Facebook still proves that if you want the biggest bang for your digital buck and you REALLY want a ton of people knowing that you just got out of the shower but aren't feeling the greatest and may go lay back down and watch 'The Price Is Right', they still got yo back.

Now please excuse me while I go post all this info on Myspace.