It was such a great weekend in Boothbay Harbor for the love of beer wine and boutiques festival that was hosted by Jen Mitchell and Brady's Restaurant.

The day saw lots of fun stops at local shops and pubs and lots of tasty beer samples, too. As the crawling wound down, we found ourselves back at Brady's gearing up to (watch) the first ever Mid-Coast Lip Sync Battle.

Little did I realize, my senior marketing rep Merry St Pierre, had other plans. She filled out a card with my name on it and insisted I choose a song and compete. Call it an urge to perform, or just the fault of Jack Daniels, but I ended up submitting my card with "Baby Got Back" written on it. The rest is history.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning here at the station and I just assumed that someone else had won the coveted trophy that night. I wasn't quite sure because we had left a little early before the whole thing was over.

Listen below to hear what happened next..

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