We were all shocked to learn that this iconic market in Augusta, Maine is closing their doors, forever. It was sadly announced on the Amour: A Curated World Market, they will be saying goodbye after years of service to our community.

Located at 212 Water Street in Augusta, this popular market is women owned and LGBTQ+ owned, and has proudly been serving the community and is very sad to close.

Some of the reasons why this is happening, according to their post are the challenging downtown environment, such as available parking, strict parking enforcement street and traffic flow closures because of construction. Also, a rainy summer which kept the tourists away.

They have not posted what the official last day will be but are letting us know that an update will be posted beforehand with a date.

Additionally, because of the closing, they will be offering discounts according to the post. 

Read the entire post for more, but we are all saddened to hear of Amour's closure and thank them for everything they have done for the community.

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