Typically food makes us all come together, right? Well, not Burger King's new 'Social Distancing Whopper'!

A commercial for the new sandwich dropped on May 21st and shows a man and a woman apparently waiting for an elevator. When the man says something to the woman she is immediately grossed out by his breath and can't continue to stand there any longer.

Why was she so repelled by the guy's mouth wind? Well, if he had just eaten the new Social Distancing Whopper, then he just ate three times the amount of onions normally found on the original Whopper. In theory, that would be enough onion breath to get a whole crowd of people away from you.

I like onions as much as the next person, but I don't know if eating three times the amount typically found on this sandwich will be my go to order. I just don't think I want that many onions. I think I'll take my chances with people and hope they just avoid me for other reasons like how much I suck at life.

Check out this commercial that the global restaurant chain dropped the other day. Yes, we realize that it's in Italian, so here is the translation for the end of the spot. “The triple onion Whopper that helps others stay away.”

Now get out there and enjoy the triple onion sensation of the new Social Distancing Whopper. If that doesn't due the trick, wash it down with their new tuna-garlic milkshake! I'm totally kidding- there is no tuna-garlic milkshake. If there was I would straight up saws-all my shnoz right off my face.

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