Tomorrow a storm is coming, and it looks like we’re getting hammered again in the latter part of the upcoming weekend. A storm is is in the forecast for Sunday night into Monday morning. What do you do to prepare for storms? Do you go out and get extra milk and bread? Maybe you buy gallons of water? How about beer for a storm party?

I sometimes go to the grocery store the night before a storm and see people with carts full of items like frozen pizzas, Hungry Man meals, ice cream etc. I always say to myself, if the power goes out, you're going to have a problem.

Honestly, we’ll buy things if we need them before bad weather but I know we won’t be stranded for any more than a few hours at home, if even that.

For example, tonight I have to buy diapers for Vikki, if I pass by the bread aisle I bet it will be bare. We have a loaf and it will last through the night and all of tomorrow and if it doesn't we'll get some on Wednesday night or Thursday. Same goes for milk and water.

Are you one of those who go into 'panic mode' before a storm?

In all seriousness, it is supposed to be bad out tomorrow, so stay safe. For cancellations, postponements and delays, click (here).

Oh and Lastly, kids, if you want school cancelled tomorrow, wear you PJs inside out.

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